Composite Resin and Porcelain Fillings

Surfers Paradise Dental Centre's composite resin and porcelain fillings match your own teeth so well even you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Classed as white fillings, they're both highly effective dental fillings that look good, are durable and long-lasting.

Composite resin dental fillings, in particular, are tooth-coloured fillings that are made from a hardened plastic compound. They're used to repair front and back teeth, but are best for those with small to medium holes where less drilling is required.

Composite resin fillings require slightly more complex dental work than conventional amalgam fillings, but they're a popular choice because they're so attractive.

Composite resin filling - Before


Composite resin filling - After


An amalgam filling replaced with a composite resin filling for a superb finish

Porcelain fillings for teeth are made of a hard ceramic material that looks even better and is stronger still. They're so strong that when properly bonded to a tooth, they help make the tooth almost as strong as an otherwise unfilled, healthy one.

Porcelain fillings are fashioned outside the mouth, then 'glued' into place with a powerful adhesive. The whole process takes two dental appointments.

Our skilled dentists at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre are the experts when it comes to composite resin and porcelain fillings for teeth. With their meticulous workmanship, they provide top quality composite and porcelain fillings that function well and look good too.

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