Dental Bridges

Bridge on teeth

Surfers Paradise Dental Centre's fixed dental bridges are so dependable, missing teeth need never be a problem again.

Our skilled team at SPDC on the Gold Coast, fashion and fit only the finest quality dental bridges and implants as an effective solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. Each dental bridge is fashioned to precise specifications and fitted following intense planning and designing to ensure they perform well for as long as possible.

Dental bridges are permanently fixed in the mouth and are a great looking means for assisting with biting and chewing when teeth are missing.

By helping to 'bridge the gap' caused by missing teeth, dental bridges also perform the very important role of stopping adjacent and opposing natural teeth from moving. If left unattended, such movement can lead to:

  • Incorrect biting and chewing
  • Problems with the jaw joints
  • Gum disease and periodontal issues caused by food and bacterial build-up in areas that become difficult to clean because of teeth movement

So What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is essentially a replacement 'tooth' that's held in the place of a missing tooth by joins to one or more of the adjacent natural teeth. Dental crowns are fitted on these natural teeth in order to hold the replacement tooth on a dental bridge sturdily in place. Dental bridges are, therefore, commonly used where teeth on either side of the missing tooth would benefit from a dental crown (for example, these teeth might have large fillings).

Contours of a Dental Bridge

Computer-aided design of a fixed dental bridge on natural teeth


Bonded Dental Bridges

A bonded bridge works much the same way as a conventional dental bridge but is glued to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The work required to fit this type of crown is more conservative than for a conventional bridge, but bonded bridges are really only suitable in certain situations.

Regardless of the type of fixed dental bridge used, it's important to note that all the 'joined' teeth become interrelated and dependent on each other in form and function. In other words, for dental bridges to function properly, all the teeth involved must be of optimal health and perform well.

Our dentists at SPDC have set the standard for dental bridges on the Gold Coast. They're the experts when it comes to fixed dental bridges and are the best people to speak with about whether a permanent dental bridge is suitable for you and your specific needs.

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