Dental Implants

Single tooth implants

Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC) is at the forefront of dental implantology on the Gold Coast, with state of the art dental implants that are more like your natural teeth than anything else available.

At SPDC we offer only the best quality dental implants on the Gold Coast, fitted by dentists who are completely up to speed with the latest in leading edge dental implant technologies.

Represented on various professional implant associations, including the prestigious International Team for Implantology (ITI), our dental implant services are backed by many years of intensive, medical research into dental implant therapy.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium attachment much like a high-tech 'screw' (fixture) that's permanently inserted under the gum. A new tooth 'crown' (that part of the tooth that's visible outside the gum) is screwed into the titanium implant to replace one, a few or many missing teeth, as illustrated below.

Dental bridge on implants

The implant effectively acts as a new tooth root, providing a solid foundation upon which to build a new, simulated tooth. They are a very successful, long-lasting solution for replacing a missing tooth (or teeth) where there is enough of a bony foundation in the jaw to support the dental implant.

Unlike a tooth supported dental bridge, dental implants function independently of other teeth. They are a proven means for:

Implant supported dentures

  • Restoring the function of missing teeth
  • Enhancing stability in adjacent and opposing natural teeth by preventing tooth movement
  • Promoting stability of the jaw bone

Getting a Dental Implant ...

Our skilled dentists at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre provide:

Depending on a person's individual circumstances, dental implants can be fitted:

  • Immediately - In this case, we'll remove a bad tooth, provide an implant and attach a temporary crown or dental bridge all in the one appointment to spare the inconvenience of a missing tooth.
  • Over two appointments - If an infection is present, the bad tooth will need to be removed and infection cleaned in the first appointment, prior to the placement of any dental implants by a dentist at the subsequent appointment. In this case, a fixed bonded bridge or removable dentures may need to be worn to allow for sufficient healing between appointments.

In both cases, your SPDC dentist will conduct a thorough clinical and radiographic assessment to determine your specific requirements and tailor a solution just for you.

We'll present you with all your available options to help you make the most informed choices possible. It will then be our pleasure to support you in any decisions you make.

With our highly effective dental implants, missing teeth need never be an issue again!

So call the team at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre on (07) 5597 2100 today to book your personal consultation. You'll be so pleased with the results!

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