When pain strikes and a quality dental filling is what you need, you can depend on Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC) to provide the finest dental fillings available.

Our expert team at SPDC is renowned throughout the Gold Coast for the quality of their dental fillings, being the 'first choice' dental practice for so many Gold Coasters in need.

We offer the safest, longest-lasting dental fillings possible, fashioned by the hands of a team of skilled dentists with the 'lightest touch' imaginable. They utilize the latest techniques and materials for top quality dental fillings that restore broken teeth, treat decay, and prevent any further cavities from occurring.



An amalgam filling replaced with a contemporary dental filling at SPDC

In determining whether a tooth needs a filling, our experienced dentists conduct a thorough visual and tactile examination of the tooth utilising special probes as well as dental x-rays where a hole cannot easily be seen.

They offer several different types of dental fillings:

  1. White fillings, which include composite resin and porcelain fillings
  2. Amalgam fillings, which are silver in appearance
  3. Gold fillings, just as their name implies

White fillings are the popular choice for most people today because they blend in more naturally with the rest of your teeth.

In determining which filling material is to be used, SPDC dentists consider a number of different factors, including:

- The size and location of the hole/defect on the tooth
- Which tooth is involved, eg a front tooth or molar
- The impact on the appearance of the tooth
- Needs in terms of strength and function

Our dentists at SPDC are the experts when it comes to dental fillings and are the best people to speak with about which type is best for you.

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