Full Dentures

Full dentures

Rediscover the joys of dining, smiling, even socialising, with custom made full dentures from the experts at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC).

At SPDC we go that extra mile to provide full dentures that are of the highest quality and best fit they can be, to give you not only a great smile but longer lasting usage as well. And best of all, they're more natural looking and comfortable to wear than ever before.

Missing teeth? ... No problem!

Full dentures are for people who are missing all their natural teeth, whether it's their bottom teeth, top teeth, or both. Also known as complete dentures, they're available in natural-looking materials.

Teeth lining the dentures are made from acrylic, producing very pleasing results. Acrylic teeth are softer in the mouth, produce a gentler sound when teeth close together, and are kinder to any opposing natural teeth.

At SPDC we take the time to present you with all the options when it comes to full dentures so that you are fully informed when selecting what best suits you. It's our pleasure to then support the decisions you make and to work with you in providing the best, most cost-effective dentures for you.

SPDC dentists at your service ...

Dentures supported by implants

We also provide ongoing support for long-term denture users who experience bone shrinkage as part of a natural process in people who have had teeth missing for a while. Because the bone shrinks away, over time this ends up reducing the foundation upon which the dentures sit.

There are only two proven solutions for this problem - the easiest and cheapest is to reline dentures, but this only works if there is enough of a bony base or foundation (in the jaw bone) to 'hold' the dentures in place. The other option is to insert implants as anchor points, as illustrated to the right.

Our skilled dentists are experienced in dealing with bone shrinkage, and will provide proven solutions as they are needed to ensure dentures are of a firm fit at all times. With their help, missing teeth need never be a problem again!

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