General Dentistry

General dentistry

With increasing evidence linking teeth and gum health to a range of other chronic diseases of the body, Surfers Paradise Dental Centre's general dental services have never been more important!

As general dental practitioners, our highly experienced dentists at SPDC are all too aware of the research linking oral health to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, even cancer.

In particular, bacteria numbers in the mouth have been shown to be directly related to a person's risk of heart attack ... the lower the number of bacteria, the lower the risk! Simple preventive dentistry services such as professional teeth cleaning and periodontal treatment for gum disease will help keep your bacterial numbers in check.

At SPDC it's our mission to provide you with the finest general dental services available to help you maintain good oral health for the benefit of your overall health and wellbeing.

From the moment you step into SPDC's general dental practice, you'll know it too!

SPDC - Your trusted general dentists ...

Based on years of experience, we take a whole of body approach to general dental care, looking after your teeth and gums as well as other elements of your mouth. By 'other elements', we mean bone structures such as the jawbone, salivary glands, the mucosa (or lining of the mouth) ... and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, problems can arise in each of these areas. In fact, one of the more serious conditions arising today, and one which our general dentists check for in their oral examinations, is oral cancer.

Whatever the case, our skilled dentists at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre are trained healthcare professionals with the knowledge and know-how to provide the most effective solutions possible. That may mean a filling, wisdom teeth removal, crown or dental implant, or devising a preventive program tailored to a person's specific needs ... all of these fall under the banner of general dental care, along with so many other different services.

Experience the difference ...

We understand your mouth is a very sensitive, personal area. So we make your time with us as relaxing as possible, with comfortable seating, pleasant surroundings, even the use of soothing relaxants such as nitrous oxide, also known as 'happy gas'. Your experience at SPDC will be like no other in the nicest possible way!

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