Mouthguards for Sport

Sports mouthguards

Cracked and broken teeth, 'dead' teeth, or teeth completely knocked out! ... We've seen all manner of sports injuries at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC), yet so many could have been avoided with our custom-made mouthguards for sports.

With injuries to the mouth accounting for a good number of sport-related injuries today, our SPDC team is serious about providing only the best quality sports mouthguards for use on-field.

All our mouthguards provide maximum protection, comfort and durability because they are formed from a custom mould of the user's teeth and jaws. They are designed and constructed to a precise fit using proven methods and premium grade materials, thereby eliminating the problem of 'elastic memory' that's prevalent in so many other over-the-counter mouthguards.

No self-forming mouthguards for sports provide the same level of protection!

Our custom-made sports mouthguards provide superior protection not just in contact sports such as boxing, karate, soccer and rugby, but also in many non-contact sports where injuries to the mouth can and do happen (eg hockey, basketball, BMX bike riding).

In fitting you with a sports mouthguard, our experienced SPDC dentists take into account the sport as well as a range of other factors such as past sporting injuries, and current dental crowns and dental bridges, implants or dentures.

The result? .. a superior grade custom-made sports mouthguard that provides you with maximum protection in the toughest of sporting conditions.

For a sports mouthguard tailored just for you, call Surfers Paradise Dental Centre today on (07) 5597 2100 to book an appointment and 'get that ball rolling'.

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