Multiple Teeth and Single Tooth Implants

Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC) provides the finest in technology and design with its premium quality single tooth implants and implants for multiple teeth.

Multiple teeth dental implants

We utilise cutting edge methods and materials in providing single tooth implants for the replacement of individual missing teeth. These implants are fitted one at a time, allowing the new, simulated tooth to function independently of any other teeth. It's the best solution available for replacing a single missing tooth.

Single tooth implants

Single Tooth Implant

Multiple teeth implants are best for replacing a segment of missing teeth, covering anything from two teeth up to a full dental arch.

They are used in conjunction with either:

Dental bridge on implants

Dental Bridge on Implants

Our experienced dentists at SPDC are the best people to advise you about dental implants, whether it's for single tooth implants or implants for multiple teeth.

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