Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry

At Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC) we'll have your teeth and smile looking and feeling as bright and healthy as possible with our complete range of preventive dentistry services.

While teeth cleaning and dental x-rays are essential elements of these services, preventive dentistry also includes a variety of other procedures which are geared towards averting dental problems before they can even arise.

As far as general dentistry goes, our highly experienced dentists at SPDC are all too aware of the research linking dental problems to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. In particular, bacteria numbers in the mouth have been shown to be directly related to a person's risk of heart attack ... the lower the number of bacteria, the lower the risk!

Keeping bacteria in check...

Simple preventive dentistry services such as professional teeth cleaning and periodontal treatment for gum disease will help keep bacterial numbers in check. They will also help keep your teeth and gums in tip top condition so you have optimal use of your own natural teeth. Nothing can outperform your natural teeth in function or purpose!

There are so many things that can damage a person's natural teeth. But with years of experience behind them, our skilled dentists at SPDC have the strategies to effectively:

- Put a halt to any damage which may be actively but silently happening to the teeth and gums
- Prevent damage from occurring to begin with
- In some cases, repair damage already sustained

How? ... With a range of proven tools and treatments, among them the use of:

  • Visual inspections to detect early signs of decay and abnormal wear to the teeth
  • Digital x-rays to check areas not visible to the eye, such as between teeth
  • A special type of resin, or fissure sealant, which is used to seal areas on teeth which are prone to decay, thereby preventing decay from forming in the first place

Fissure Sealant - Before

Fissure Sealant - Before

Fissure Sealant - After

Fissure Sealant - After

  • Regular teeth cleaning by our dentists to prevent decay as well as periodontal / gum disease
  • Professional strength fluoride and other re-mineralizing agents (such as tooth mousse or caseine phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate, CPP-ACP) to strengthen and harden the teeth, and so prevent and help reverse the onset of decay
  • Dietary tips and special oral hygiene instructions for more specific cases

Feel free to talk with our SPDC dentists about any of these preventive dentistry measures. Book your appointment today by calling Surfers Paradise Dental Centre on (07) 5597 2100.

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