Relining Dentures

Denture realining

Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC) will have your dentures looking and working as best as they can for as long as they possibly can, with denture relining services that are amongst the best on the Gold Coast.

By relining full dentures, we help to maintain them in top condition and to address head-on the problems caused by jaw shrinkage in people who've had missing teeth for a while.

Jaw shrinkage is a natural process, the rate of which depends on various factors such as a person's age and genetics. It causes changes to the structure and functioning of the mouth and requires the relining of dentures to optimize the way they feel, look and work.

Sometimes jaw shrinkage is so pronounced there is insufficient bone to provide a solid foundation for dentures even with a denture reline. Where this has occurred, dental implants may need to be considered.

Dentures should generally be relined every 3 to 5 years. The timeframe will depend on various issues such as usage and genetics, as well as the age of the denture.

We recommend you arrange for an initial consultation with a dentist at SPDC so we can assess if a denture reline is the best solution for you.

If it is, we'll take a fresh mould of your denture at an early morning appointment and have them relined and ready for your collection later that same day to save you any unnecessary inconvenience. It's a fuss-free service that'll revitalize your dentures along with your chewing, speaking and smile.

If you haven't had your dentures relined in a while, call Surfers Paradise Dental Centre on (07) 5597 2100 today and book an appointment.

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