Root Canal Therapy

Give painful, infected teeth the best chance of recovery possible with quality root canal therapy from Surfers Paradise Dental Centre's leading team of dentistry professionals.

Utilising the very latest in root canal treatments, our highly experienced dentists at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC) have a terrific track record for 'saving' teeth damaged by trauma, decay or disease.

Trauma and decay can sometimes lead to bacteria entering a tooth's 'root canal' and infecting the pulp, which is the soft tissue that's located in the root canal deep inside the tooth. The resultant infection can cause the 'death' of the pulp and:

  • Pain in the tooth and soreness/swelling in the surrounding gum
  • Loss of the affected tooth
  • Damage to the bone in which the tooth is embedded

If the pulp is infected it needs to be removed promptly to prevent the bacteria from spreading into the jaw bone.

Once the infected pulp is removed with precision, the root canal is disinfected so no bacteria are left behind. Our talented team at SPDC draw on the highest quality skills to then fill and seal the root canal of the tooth to prevent reinfection.

X-ray of a tooth with completed
root canal therapy

Contrary to what some people believe, root canal therapy does not render a tooth 'dead'. Instead, nourishment by surrounding tissue enables a tooth to function well for many years after the initial root canal procedure. Occasionally a dental crown may be needed for extra strength and durability.

Root canal therapy may take more than one appointment to complete and, for the best results, needs to be started as soon as possible.

Surfers Paradise Dental Centre has set the standard for quality root canal therapy on the Gold Coast, with unparalleled workmanship and proven methods for safeguarding even the most damaged of teeth. Your teeth are much too important to entrust with anyone else.

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