Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Don't suffer with your wisdom teeth any longer! Call the experts at Surfers Paradise Dental Centre (SPDC) for the surest form of relief.

Our highly experienced dentists at SPDC normally make every effort to preserve a person's natural teeth. But when it comes to wisdom teeth, their removal can sometimes be the only guaranteed way to stop any problems from getting worse or even recurring.

Wisdom teeth are the bane of many adults today because they're the last teeth to erupt, and by the time they do, sometimes there's very little room left for them to come through.

If there is insufficient room for them to erupt, it can cause wisdom teeth to become wedged in, or 'impacted', at the rear of the jaw and lead to some rather serious problems, including:

  • Infection and inflammation of the surrounding gum
  • Pain and damage to nearby teeth, especially when wisdom teeth are pushing against the back 'molar' teeth
  • Cysts forming around the wisdom teeth, which can in turn damage the underlying bone as well as other teeth
  • Ulcerations to the lining of the mouth caused by wisdom teeth constantly rubbing or biting against the inside cheek area

Impacted wisdom tooth right

Impacted wisdom tooth left

The extraction of wisdom teeth should be conducted as soon as possible to prevent any problems from worsening. But rest assured, it is a common procedure and one SPDC dentists have a tremendous success rate in.

With meticulous precision and the greatest of care, SPDC dentists remove wisdom teeth as easily and pain-free as possible using state of the art technology as well as safe, yet effective anaesthetics and relaxants. Thanks to the quality of care at SPDC, recovering is usually quite quick and incident-free.

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